O mere dil ke chain -notes-sargam-song

prelude :

Ting ding ting ting ting tin tin tin
d s r m r ggg… 2


m… mrg… s d r
m..gr m..gr r

O mere dil ke chain – 2
r sr r s rsd
r sr r s rsd… (n)dp

Chain aaye mere dil ko
p..d d..s s..r rg g

duaa kiijiye
s rg g s r

mgr… 3

Interlude :
rm md’ dp dp

mg rgr

mgr mgr pmg

mgr dr

Apanaa hi sayaa
mmg m g..rr

dekh ke tum
gr g r..s

jaane jahaan
rs r s..d

sharmaa gaye
dn r rr

Abhi to ye pahali
mm g m g rr

manjil hai
grg r..s

Tum to abhi se
r s rs d

ghabaraa gaye
dnr rr

meraa kyaa hogaa
rg md’ rg gm

socho to jaraa
gm mp g ggr grs

music: nsnd

Haay aise naa
p..d d..s s..r

aahen bharaa kijiye
rg g s rg g s r

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