Who We Are?

Our Mission

So guys, I am Abhijeet I did CDAC in 2018,currently I am working as data scientist in Happiest Minds Technology.

While preparing for CDAC I face lots of the challenges like CCAT exam preparation, choosing write center, after completion of course I realized¬† there are thousands of student not from IT background they also face same issue that’s why I have created this website to help you guys during CDAC journey.

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I have more than 3 years of experience now in IT industry gave lot’s of interviews as well so I can assure I will guide you very properly if you follow this website from scratch you will never face any challenges.

Also I am very passionate about music. Learning instruments  from 2013 Guitar, then started to learn Indian classical music in flute. So I have decided to keep all my studies knowledge on same website.

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Our Core Values

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