CCEE is the exam on which your whole placement is depend no matter in which college you studied whether it acts or sunbeam or any placemement is commom for all it Only depends on what is your ccee scrore that’s it.

If your CCEE scrore is above 60% Then you will get lots of calls, if Your Score is less than 60% no of interview calls in first month will be less So Main question is how to prepare for ccee exam

At the end of cdac course you might heard about acts dumps acts will give dumps and all question come only through that dumps, this is a very very worst joke guys there is nothing like dumps its just myths..

So How Can I prepare for ccee exam

Simple CCEE is the only objective exam there is no negative marking this is plus point, you have 40 questions and you need to pass 16 must be correct. If you want your score should be above 60% then you need above 25 in each paper atleast.

There are 1000 of questions on sandfondry but really its very difficult to read them instead do one thing just read theory concepts very well and slides of the teachers questions will not be too much difficult they just expect you know basics very well So read theory of each topic wise very very carefully and trust me guys that is more than enough .

Importance Of CCEE Score :

I got lots of enquiries regarding CCEE exam , what this exam and how this exam matter for placement and how the companies to shortlist the people as per the CCEE score So I will give the all answers,Please read all this instructions very very carefully .

If your CCEE score is greater than 60 percentage then you will get maximum amount of placement calls, Even if you have degree score is less than 60 percentage.Maximum Companies will shortlist you as CCEE score only Some of the companies will shortlist as per degree percentage and CCEE Score .

If you are the 2019 passout and CCEE score is above 60 percentage and your degree Alto above 60 percentage , then for the dac students they will get daily almost 4 to 5 calls in first month of the Placement. Remember you have only 30 calls C-DAC will not allow to seat in placement if you got 30 calls .

So you have to must to be placed within 30 calls, those students who cross 30 calls they will block for campus program. After that there is a local campus program in that program that students will gets allowed.

CDAC Local campus is very very worst you will get very less amount of package almost like 2 to 3 LPA maximum ,try to gets placed in first month of the campus placement then you will get almost minimum 5 lpa package no one will give you all these details , so please be stay with us always follow our all programs you all will gets placed within a month .

Types of Campus In CDAC :

Campus is divided into three parts :
1. On Campus (First month of campus)
2. Off Campus (After On campus )
3. Local Campus

First on campus which is in the first month of the placement this will be around 1 month , Second off campus which will start after the first month of placement means after the on campus. This campus will be around 1.5 to 2 months, and in this campus package will start to decrease .

And the last one is local campus this campus will go until the next batch, In the local campus you will get very very rare calls like in two three days one or two call that’s it and package is also very less .

That’s it these is all detail information about ccee and placements you got all details before start the cdac . I got this information at the end of cdac .
So you have very good chance to prepare well for CCEE exam also you will get very clear guidance from us anytime.