Mere rashk e kamar -notes-sargam-song

mere rashk E Qamar gr r r r

Tu ne pehli nazar
m g n s

Jab nazar se milaayi
.p .d .n .n .n .n..r r..m

maza Aa gaya
r sn s .n d

Barq si gir gayi
mg g..r r rr

Kaam Hee Kar gayi
g p g rs s n s

Aag Aisee Lagaayi
p .d .n .n .n .n..r r..m

maza Aa gaya
g mp m g r


Be Hijabaana Woh
r gmp pp p

saamne Aa gaye
mgr g m m mm

Aur Jawaani Jawaani se
m g g..s s s s..g g g

Takra gayi
mp m g..r r

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