Janeman Janeman Tere Do Nayan -notes-sargam-abhijeet


mm mm mm

(mm)gm pm pg

(gg)rg mg mr

(rr)rr gr g.d

(.d.d)pp nn rr grs


s r m p dm p dm

m s nnn dp

p sn nd dp pm

sndpmgrg mgrsnd ds


dd ns rr rr

gg rr sss

d ddd p ppp mm gg rr s

O janeman janeman
(s)m sss ddd

Tere do nayan
mm r snd

Chori chori leke gaye
.pn nn .ds ss

dekho mera man
gg rs nd

janeman janeman janeman
pss pss pss

Remaining notes will same try to match

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