important topics for English

1. Synonyms

2. Antonyms

3. Passage

4. Grammar Correction

Now this part of the english is totally depends on you whatever you learnt from school to today . because no one will give Tutorials on english because its impossible .

Yes , but i can tell you what type of questions exam will ask .

For English almost 10,15 questions in exam so think how important it is .

Passages are not too much difficult try to understand passage carefully and then only start to give answers .

Synonyms and Antonyms these are another 2 important topics of exam exam 100 % ask 5 to 8 questions on these topics . if your vocabulaory is strong then only you can solve these questions .

Dont worry but try to learn new english words as much as possible .

I will give exact exam pattern on my udemy test series ,there you will finds exact pattern of exam .

Now last one is grammer Correction exam will ask to fill a,an, the or correct sentence grammerly like that .

I will suggest try to solve 10,20 passages from google so you will get idea about passages .

That’s it for English . There is no tutorials for english even you join any private pre dac course they will also not give any tutorials .

topics for Aptitude






Profit & Loss

Time & Work

Pipes & Cisterns

Time & Distance

Boats & Streams


Simple Interest

Compound Interest

Permutation & Combination


Now for Aptitude almost 15-20 questions ccat exam will ask.

Above topics are more than enough to solve apti questions .

For Aptitude I will recommend some channels name so pick whichever you feel good .

Remember pre dac classes also provide 4 days apti training so dont think that if u join pre dac you will get lots of apti knowledge .

You need to prepare yourself by self study only .

So watch videos on each topic try to understand logic and basic concepts and after that solve 50 question at least on each topic . you will get lots of benefits .

Youtube channels :

1. Study Smart .

2. Study Iq .

3. Current Affairs Funda

Now watch videos for each topic from any one of the above channel and practice lots of questions .

click questions section above and see lots of apti questions are there try to solve them .

Exam important topics for Reasoning :

Sitting Arrangement

Direction Sense

Coding Decoding

Data Sufficiency

Blood Relations

Clock and calanders .

Exam will ask 15-20 questions on reasoning on only above 4,5 topics .

Refer same above channels for reasoning preparation Remember your self study is only important trust me not any single pre dac will teach apti and Reasoning more than 4 days . and in 4 days do you really think you can learn aptiti .

So start your self learning its really good practice . search on google if you didnt understand any concept . learn each topic and try to solve 20,30 questions on the same . I will update lots of important Aptitude question for practice with answer .