Exam important topics for Aptitude :






Profit & Loss

Time & Work

Pipes & Cisterns

Time & Distance

Boats & Streams


Simple Interest

Compound Interest

Permutation & Combination


Now for Aptitude almost 15-20 questions ccat exam will ask.

Above topics are more than enough to solve apti questions .

For Aptitude I will recommend some channels name so pick whichever you feel good .

Remember pre dac classes also provide 4 days apti training so dont think that if u join pre dac you will get lots of apti knowledge .

You need to prepare yourself by self study only .

So watch videos on each topic try to understand logic and basic concepts and after that solve 50 question at least on each topic . you will get lots of benefits .

Youtube channels :

1. Study Smart .

2. Study Iq .

3. Current Affairs Funda

Now watch videos for each topic from any one of the above channel and practice lots of questions .

click questions section above and see lots of apti questions are there try to solve them .

Exam important topics for Reasoning :

Sitting Arrangement

Direction Sense

Coding Decoding

Data Sufficiency

Blood Relations

Clock and calanders .

Exam will ask 15-20 questions on reasoning on only above 4,5 topics .

Refer same above channels for reasoning preparation Remember your self study is only important trust me not any single pre dac will teach apti and Reasoning more than 4 days . and in 4 days do you really think you can learn aptiti .

So start your self learning its really good practice . search on google if you didnt understand any concept . learn each topic and try to solve 20,30 questions on the same . I will update lots of important Aptitude question for practice with answer .

Don't forget to give my test series on Udemy it will help you a lot .