Exam important topics for English :

1. Synonyms

2. Antonyms

3. Passage

4. Grammar Correction

Now this part of the english is totally depends on you whatever you learnt from school to today . because no one will give Tutorials on english because its impossible .

Yes , but i can tell you what type of questions exam will ask .

For English almost 10,15 questions in exam so think how important it is .

Passages are not too much difficult try to understand passage carefully and then only start to give answers .

Synonyms and Antonyms these are another 2 important topics of exam exam 100 % ask 5 to 8 questions on these topics . if your vocabulaory is strong then only you can solve these questions .

Dont worry but try to learn new english words as much as possible .

I will give exact exam pattern on my udemy test series ,there you will finds exact pattern of exam .

Now last one is grammer Correction exam will ask to fill a,an, the or correct sentence grammerly like that .

I will suggest try to solve 10,20 passages from google so you will get idea about passages .

That's it for English . There is no tutorials for english even you join any private pre dac course they will also not give any tutorials .

Dont forget to give my test series on Udemy it will help you a lot .